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It’s all about determination. How badly do you want it? How much does this mean to you?

How many of you have seen the Marshawn Lynch video when he was playing the New Orleans Saints with his team, the Seattle Seahawks in a playoff game maybe 6 years ago. In this play, Marshawn takes the ball from the quarterback, and runs up the middle, breaking a couple tackles, and pushing other players off of him. At first it looks like he is going to get stopped near the line of scrimmage, but the man kept his feet churning, and started to find some openings in the field ahead of him. He sees the smaller players in front of him, and begins to do his best to out run him. These players are cornerbacks, and safety’s usually the fastest players on Defense. Marshawn starts to outrun these guys, while juking up the field. As soon as one of the players gets close to him, they catch a stiffy from BeastMode himself. As he sprints down the field, it looks like Darren Sharper, one of the best safeties in the league is going to tie him up, but he hands out another stiff arm, and sends Darren Sharper to the ground!

This moment in football history was one of the greatest performances ever to run up the field like Marshawn did, breaking 8 tackles along the way to get a score for his team in a major playoff game early in his career. Marshawn runs hard every single time he gets the ball. He knows that every run, could very well be his last, and he wants to make the most of every carry he gets, and tries to score every possession. He is able to create that innate ability to be unstoppable in a game and can basically take over a game by himself.

If you want to be great, you must instill this thought process of ultimate determination into your psyche. Sometimes, on the field, no matter what sport it is, skill level may be fairly equal across the board. The winners of the game can very well be decided by who is the most mentally strong on the field, and who wants it the most. The passive people never win in sports, it is usually those who are the most aggressive that don’t take no for an answer and won’t be stopped. When you think you need to create a little bit of determination, turn on that Youtube video of Marshawn running through the Saints, and instill that into your mind. The most determined athlete wins, good luck.


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