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Proper Soccer Protocol

If you are an athlete, everyone knows that there are certain protocols that most athletes try to follow. Some may call it a routine, some may call it habits, but there are certainly things that people should be concerned with.

Other than the perfecting of skills, athleticism, and work ethic, there are a lot of things that should go into a soccer players mind when they can decide if they want to add anything that could benefit their performance and attitude towards the game.

Before going out to play soccer, if possible have the right of attire for wherever you are playing at. If its grass, do your best to bring a pair of cleats so that you can grip the field better no matter the conditions. Cleats allow you to fully plant your foot into the grass so you have a lesser possibility of slipping and risking an injury to yourself. Other proper attire for playing out in soccer certainly can be predicated on the weather and what position you play, so this can include various lengths of socks, shin guards, knee braces, ankle braces, and anything else that your body may need to keep you completely supported and give the best chance to avoid injury. Make sure to check field conditions and the weather for the day you are playing soccer, as rainy days and sunny days will probably be a different dress attire for you, as well as playing indoors.

soccer cleats

Staying clean and keeping proper hygiene is also essential to being a proper athlete. For one, it helps your team want to talk to you if you are not smelly, have bad breath, and have preventable acne. Take care of yourself if you are on a traveling team and visiting out of town areas for a long period of time.

You never know what kind of situations will arise when you are on the road. When I was staying in the California Bay Area at a hotel, we had an infestation of bed bugs at a team member’s family house, and we all had bed bug bites for our next game and bedbugspittsburg.com had to clean out all of our bags and clean all of our clothes the day before the game. It saved us, but it definitely would be best to avoid that situation. So, realize that the cleanliness does not start on the field, it starts on all facets of your life to ensure that, on game-day, you are physically, and mentally prepared.


Mental preparation can be manipulated in many different ways, and it’s important that your mind is fresh and ready to work so that when it is time for game day, you have nothing else to think about but the task at hand. Some tips to help mentally prepare your mind if you are a soccer player or just any kind of athlete would be to practice envisioning yourself what you want to accomplish at your next game, then envision what you want for one part of the season, the whole season, the next few years, and the future of your athletic career. Envisioning yourself accomplishing your dreams can really help create your dreams into your reality. It’s this trick called the secret. If you want to score a goal at your next soccer game, spend 10 minutes the day before closing your eyes and, in your mind’s eye, envision what it is going to feel like to score that goal in the game. Imagine exactly where you are on the field, the amount of power you are going to put into your leg when you kick that ball, and where its going to hit the net. Imagine what the feelings are going to be like when your teammates congratulate you on your goal scored. Create these feelings and emotions in your head, and the universe has been known to grant these visions to people who believe. That’s called the secret.

the secret

After playing a soccer game, or even practicing, an additional important thing to do is to reflect on your performance in the game or practice. Reflect on what you did well, what you need to improve on, and then the next day, work on the things that need significant improvement for your overall skill level to rise. The best athletes always work on their weakest attributes, and it’s how they elevate their game and become good at everything they were once adequate or average at.

Finally, my final tip for preparation is to bring your emotions into every practice and game. Make each time with the ball in your hand or waging your defender on defense a special moment and take the time to smile during these moments. By training your brain to be excited about the prospect of playing, dopamine will be released in your brain and you will feel rewarded for the act of playing, and it’s going to train your brain to enjoy playing the sport just that much more!


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