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How to Become a Soccer Great

There is a lot about professional athletes work ethics that are not particularly recognized by the public. Athletes put a lot into their work grind throughout their entire way to the top, but more people think it was genetics, and natural born talent that take people to the top. While it is true that genetics and physical stature does play a role in an athletes ability to make it to the next level, most of these players would not have made it to the top without an amazing work ethic.

And many of them who do make it to the next level don’t realize that the work doesn’t end there, and if you want to make it to elite status, you gotta crank up the work ethic. At the highest levels of athletics, particularly football, basketball, soccer, hockey, fighting, boxing, gymnastics, cross country, cycling, tennis, swimming, water polo, bmx, motocross, car racing, you name the sport, most have a couple figures at the top who are recognized for being greats. Those  top few are not the ones who have the most freakish genetics, or are there because of their race. They have been recognized as an elite athlete because of the hard work that they put in behind the scenes, and that’s the stuff that truly what makes them great.

If you want to be one of the greatest at any game, it doesn’t matter if it’s cross country running or a top soccer player in the world, the athlete with the greatest determination to reach the top as well as an amazing work ethic, usually always well represents the leaders of their respective games

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One of the most important aspects that will take you very far is speed, and cardio. If you are a very faster sprinter, and you can run at your top speed, that is always a determining factor of great soccer ballers. Many athletes are capable of having great cardio, but unless you can run at a very fast top speed for the length of a soccer field, there will be a leading role on any time with that talent. So if you are beginning to feel like you could entertain the possibility of having a bright future as a soccer player, take a look at how fast you are, and how long you can last running. People who are not afraid to improve their cardio and their speed can be a huge difference maker in your overall athletic ability. Many players will not consistently try to improve their cardio or their overall speed, and many will become just content with where they are at when they can really greatly improve over the course of their career and create an extended prime. Speed, and cardio can really make a great soccer player.

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Soccer dribbling is what creates soccer goals for top players. If you can weave your way through a line of defenders, and get them to bite on your moves and prevent them from getting the ball, it is incredibly useful for being able to set up your teammates for spot on passes for shots on goal, and especially for creating your own shots with a perfect line of fire at the goalie and his net. There are always moves that soccer players can be adding to their tool belt and improve their chances at always being able to fake out opponents. With only a small pocket of dribble moves, you limit yourself to the openings that can be created on the soccer field, and make it more predictable for them to guess which move you are going to pull. Always be adding soccer moves, and always be perfecting the moves that you know. There is no reason you cannot consistently work on your footwork as a soccer athlete and always be practicing dribbling a ball. One important thing to discuss when you are working on your soccer dribbling techniques is that during your practice sessions, you want to make sure you are pushing yourself to the point of messing up. If you are always going harder than you did before, and try to go faster than before, your brain and your body will adapt to your failures, and learn from them, so that the next time you try to push that move as hard as your can, you will have a better chance of success and constantly be improving on your ball handling ability.

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Defense is very important for soccer players to be good at. No matter the position on the field, if you can steal the goal from an opposing player, or force him into an error, the longer that you and your team have the ball in their possession, the greater chance their is for victory. If you can get more ball possessions, you give yourself better opportunity to make your way to the goal and score, which leads into the most important part of being an elite soccer player is…

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Scoring Goals. If you can score goals, you can be a great soccer player. Scoring goals is about being able to kick the ball from any spot, any angle, any speed, and adding any kind of curve to your shot. Scoring goals has a lot of factors that play into it, and you must master every sort of opportunity. Scoring has a lot to do with fooling the defender, as well as kicking it so perfectly that you force him to be unable to reach your ball. Scoring a goal in soccer is what gets the glory, and it can make all-time greats.



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