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As a child, there are a couple mainstream sports that most children get sucked up into early on their life. Basketball, Swimming, Football, Baseball, Soccer, and Hockey seem to be the most common sports kids play, depending on where they live in the world. I played basketball, and soccer throughout most of my life. I am so grateful in my parent’s decision making by pushing me into those two sports, because what I did in both of those sports really helped my development for my athleticism, and my social skills for the rest of my life.

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There are a lot of similarities in the skill level development in both of the soccer and basketball sports. At a young age, the fastest kids, and the one’s who can handle the ball got the most action and had the most fun playing soccer. For basketball, the kids who are fast, can dribble, and can make layups were usually the best players for basketball. Luckily, to be good at both sports, I concluded that it started with speed. I gained speed tremendously at a young age since I was always trying to get past people with the soccer ball, and with the basketball. I had a quick first step, and that came from trying to beat people from a standstill with the ball at my feet, or in my hands. Another great asset that is learned playing both sports is footwork. Footwork is basically king in both sports, and when you can combine footwork with speed, you can take over any futbol, or basketball game that you want to.

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These sports are also great for traveling teams. Basketball and soccer can both be played for many hours in a day without too much wear on your body. This meant tournaments on weekends. I would go to basketball tournaments all along the west coast for both basketball and soccer games. This is where I really learned how to pick up skills from other players. Seeing what kind of players were coming out of every town taught me that there is a wide variety of players and there is a lot of competition, so I befriended them. It was easy to make friends playing sports. Part of playing sports like basketball and soccer, it requires a lot of teamwork to succeed and win games. Athletic players really make a team stand out, especially one with skills at the game. But no team is good unless they have a solid foundation of teamwork to go with skilled players.

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Playing on a team with a good buddy really instills the concept of sharing. We all know that sharing is caring, right? As teammates with friends around the state, we all began to be friends just simply because we cared about one another.

I truly believe that team based sports can really keep a wolf pack together. Really team based anything can bring people closer to one another in my friend circle. I still regularly play sports with the guys and some of the girls often, and I think that unties us more. No matter where each of us are located around the world, whenever we hang out, there is always some sport action sure to go down.

Luckily, many of us grew up in a beautiful state, and a lot of my close friends live nearby. A lot of us stuck together, and created a huge business, while I have a couple friends who stuck to sports and then made a fall back business later. Some of them built themselves their own companies, and now I can play at their houses nowadays too. After convincing a my buddy Jeremy, who runs his company http://www.carpetcleaningpetaluma.com, to install a soccer field in his backyard, low and behold, this is where I seem to find myself every weekend. After playing on the fields at my house growing up, and playing on the same team, neither of us could stay away from constant action.

If you are ever in the North Bay area, looking for some friendly soccer action, hit me up and if there is time and room on a particular weekend this summer to play a couple games of soccer! Our skill level is pretty top notch, but we are all starting to become a bunch of old dudes so it is more about teamwork and fundamentals. If that sounds like your kind of style, come chill!


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