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Soccer in Europe

As a young boy obsessed with everything soccer, Europe is the ultimate Mecca to travel to for soccer.  Nowhere else in the world is soccer played and spent more money on then Europe.  It doesn’t matter if it’s England, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, or Italy they all have tons of soccer.  Not only do those countries have the best soccer leagues but they also have kids and people playing the sport all the time.  The continent has become dependent on the sport.  Soccer is a religion for all the countries in Europe.  Without the sport many people wouldn’t know how to survive.
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At a very young age boys are scouted by top football clubs.  If invited to football academies, the young boys will be given the opportunity to take advantage of world class soccer training.  Many of the super stars in today’s day and age have been through systems that mold and create world class players.  I have a friend from France that was in the PSG academy as a young boy.  I remember him telling me the coaches use to make the players juggle for two hours a day.  Along with that many hours would be spent on drills and scrimmaging.  Upon older  age the boys from football academies are given a chance to sign with a top team.  Some academies are known for simply building players and selling them.  It’s no surprise that some academies also groom their own players in there system.
It’s very tough to compete in Europe if you’re a soccer player.  The amount of talent is immense with endless clubs in sight.  You really do have to be a special talent to outshine most of the players there.  It’s even harder for young boys from South America or other places coming to Europe to train with top clubs.  Not only are these young boys out of there comfort zone moving to a new continent but they rarely are able to speak and see there family from back home.  This was the case for Argentin super star, Leo Messi.  As a young boy in Barcelona’s academy Messi was thousands of miles away from his family and friends back home.  It is very hard to overcome the adversity of starting somewhere new and making something out of it.
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All the European countries are good at soccer.  There’s just a few countries that truly stand out from the rest.  Germany is the biggest and most powerful country in the soccer world.  Having won four world cups and on the edge of another European cup the Germans have top class soccer.  Many people credit the German players with having the best development programs.  The top academies in Germany set there players up for professional soccer.  In Germany, soccer is a way of life.  Bayern Munich is the powerhouse team with all the best players.  Every year the team simply gets better.  If your ever in Germany during the soccer season it’s a must to check out Bayern Munich play.





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