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Soccer is Safer

As a child, many of the sports that you play early on in life are predicated by the choices that your parents decide, at least at toddler and the young child. I’m happy my parents placed me in futbol instead of football.

As I have gotten older, and seen what kind of people play football, I’m glad I stuck to my craft. I saw many football players worry about being at the gym for so long, and many of them worrying about getting enough food in them, which in my eyes was often way too much food for someone, but it seriously totally changed what kind of people were in the two sports. When the football guys would hang out, it would be lifting weights, and doing hitting drills. When we hung out, our practice would be playing, and only playing. The only way to get better at the sport of soccer is by playing soccer, which is unlike many sports. Basketball you must work on a variety of skills involved, including having a good first step, and also incredible vertical leap abilities, along with being blessed with height. Football, you have to develop very strong muscles to compete, and many of these muscular guy will run at each other head first going twenty miles an hour. As we see nowadays, modern science has show us that that is a recipe for a concussion, and continued brain damage that could last a life time.


Now, I know a lot of anti-soccer people will tell me that a ball bouncing on my head can cause a concussion too, but there is a lot more to it than that. In football, they were giant protective hard plastic padding, that they think protects their body from the impact of tackling one another. The guys in the professionals all the way down to the mighty-mites who are 5 years old playing football see to truly believe they are protected when playing. That is, until two players run at each other as hard and fast as they can, and when the collision strikes, someone always gets hurt and is affected. Science has shown us now that these head to head collision are not good for the adult brain, nor the young brain. While the skull is protecting from cracking, these impacts at such high velocity cause the brain to shake quite a bit under that helmet where it pounds into the inner school, which ends up causing swelling. after enough repeated blows tot the head, people develop brain damage. Brain damage is not one of those things that you think you can tell it is developing. When the damage occurs, your brain tricks the person that all is okay and the brain is still functioning, you are alive, and tells you that you can do that again because you already survived.

It’s not just head to head hits. Football cause a lot of hits to the back, ribs, knees, ankle, feet, neck, so many places where you can be seriously affected after a game.


When is the last time you saw serious injuries in a soccer game? Now compare that to a football game. Someone is always injured after a football game, and most players admit to playing with injuries all year long because they are told to toughen up by their parents and their coaches. This is where injuries become more serious. In soccer, we do not play with too much protection, because it is un needed. We know that if we strike another player, it will hurt him, and could hurt me. And striking another player gets you kicked out of games and hurts your team, therefore, the risk of someone doing stuff like that is far less.

I’m happy I played soccer, and I am happy in m yearly 30’s my body is still very much intact. I cannot say the same for some of my football friends, but I certainly can for my futbol ones.


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