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Every four years the world comes together to watch the most watched soccer tournament, the World Cup.  The location for this tournament is selected through a committee.  Every four years it’s a new location.  In 2014 the World Cup was in Brazil, in 2018 the World Cup will be in Russia of all places.   If you’re wondering why Russia then you’re not alone.  Russia seems to be an interesting country to host the World Cup.  As of lately, Russia seems to be talked about all the time in the news whether it’s about Ukraine or Syria.  Do not expect me to be at the games in two years.  It’s too much of a coincidence that Russia is going to be the destination, especially with all the events in the news surrounding them.
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The World Cup is a historic tournament that is like no other.  Countries from all over the world have the chance to qualify and enter the tournament.  Once a team is qualified for the World Cup they will be placed in a group.  There are several groups starting from group a all the way to group f.  A group is four randomly selected teams.  Within the group, all the teams play each other until standings are able to be given.  Eventually, half the teams will get knocked off and the round of sixteen starts.  It’s an exciting event to see the beginning of the quarter and semifinals.  By the time the finals comes around there’s only two countries left, one wins and the other goes home.  Of course, the U.S. is really not a strong competitor on this stage.  For years and really since the start of the World Cup tournament the U.S. has not been a very strong competitor.  It is atrocious to see the U.S. suck in soccer.  Pretty much every other country in South America and Europe are ten times better than the US.

  world cup stage
During the World Cup video games plays a huge role in influencing fans.  If you own a xbox or playstation you have definitely heard of FIFA the video game.  Every year more and more people get addicted to the world’s most popular soccer video game.  Yes, the video game is extremely fun to play but really addicting.  Personally, I used to play it a lot which allowed me to learn all the players names.  I really did not want to get addicted to the point where if I didn’t play I would get sick.  Luckily for me, it did not happen.  Many of my friends on the other side did not take care of themselves and ended up getting addicted easily.  FIFA takes off big time right around the time when the World Cup unfolds.  All the players you see on TV you see in the video game.  It is a very fun game but very damaging if you’re not careful.
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No other game in the world is as watched as the World Cup final.  The last World Cup final in 2014 was between Germany and Argentina, two powerhouse giants.  Germany ended up winning but it was a very exciting game.  The whole game was scoreless, until near the end of the game a last minute substitution came in and scored the game winner.  It was a historic tournament especially for the host country.  Brazil was hosting the whole tournament and ended up facing Germany in a brutal game that resulted in a terrible outcome for them.  I remember hearing stories about riots hitting the streets when Germany beat Brazil 7 to 1 in Brazil.  Many soccer fanatics would claim Brazil was without many of their best players, especially their top scoring phenom Neymar.   That’s phooey, there is always a team without many of their players, I call that one, a cop-out. I’ll be rooting against the home team this year!


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