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Futsal is an incredibly hard sport to play.  It’s simply another form of playing soccer.  The difference is players use a smaller ball, smaller space, and smaller goals to compete with.  Futsal is hugely popular everywhere they play soccer especially in South American countries like Brazil and Argentina.  They also play a lot of futsal in Europe.  Futsal is a fantastic way for any soccer player to get better by improving coordination, quickness, touch, and game time control.  Futsal uses samba indoor shoes compared with outdoor soccer cleats.  The sport is similar to indoor soccer because like indoor there is no slide tackling involved.  Futsal requires a lot more skill than anything.  The amount of touches and goals is much more than any soccer match.
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I remember playing futsal during the off season of club soccer as a young boy.  In the winter time when there’s too much rain and clouds to play futsal was the perfect game to play.  I definitely think the South Americans are the best at futsal by far, compared to anyone else.  Often times people play on a basketball court and use smaller goal nets.  It’s widely known that in the offseason many of the professional soccer players play futsal to keep their touch and control on point.  It’s vital for any athlete to continue to challenge themselves.  The beauty of the sport of soccer is there’s so many different variations you can play that continue to improve your skills.

Futsal is beginning to become more popular in the United States.  Many Americans are starting to see the value and beauty of futsal.  It poses a great way to stay active and play the game of soccer on a much smaller scale.  If there’s a rainy day, or a storm outside futsal is the best option to play.  All ages and genders can play the game, it’s super simple and tons of fun.  The best part of the game is you never get to deal with the sun beating down on you.  Outdoor soccer in my opinion is the most fun way to play but if your looking for a quicker pace than futsal is your sport.
Not much is needed to play futsal.  If you go to your local sporting goods store you’ll easily be able to find a nice pair of adidas sambas.  You will one hundred percent need them.  No other shoe is as valuable as the sambas.  Running on turf is amazing if you have the right equipment.  Other than samba shoes you’ll just need shin guards and the right sock colors.  You have to understand that a lot of futsal leagues are super competitive, especially Mexican leagues.  In California specifically, Los Angeles has the best futsal leagues by far.  Many of the futsal teams in the greater Los Angeles area have all been playing with each other for years so there chemistry is second nature.
When you join a futsal league make sure you have all the right players.  The last thing you want is shitty soccer players.  Trust me, this has happened to me before.  Many times in the past teams I have put together have not been consistent on game days and lack technique.  When you pick your team it is extremely important to make sure your players are solid and can actually play the game.  A very easy way to see if a player is good is by simply juggling with them. If a “soccer player” can’t juggle the ball properly chances are he’s not a good selection for your team.  Choosing the right team is everything.  Getting embarrassed in a game of futsal by a bunch of old guys is not ideal.  Pick your team wisely and juggle lots.


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