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Where I Played

Growing up in California, I was lucky to have a pair of parents who supported my outdoor endeavors and need to be at play. I always felt sorry for the kids whose parents wanted them to be indoors for fear of their safety. My carefree lifestyle allowed me to meet many kids around the neighborhood at my age, and gave me the chance to build social skills, get in shape, and just plain old have fun.

Since I was always outdoors with a whole bunch of kids, we always had the chance to get some big soccer games going together. We would evenly split up the teams, and then go at each other’s throats for goals. The reason I loved soccer growing up so much because it was such a team sport. A fluid passing offense is so important as well as a team style defense. Without working for one another on your team, you are at risk of losing an ever so important game of of your life. soccer kick

My parents saw the passion that I had for soccer, and I was lucky enough to have parents who had their financial situation on good terms. They asked me if I thought it would be a good idea to build a little soccer field on our property for all of my little friends and I to play on at any time. I said heck yea, and then, immediately, they called up a couple companies, and went to work. Concrete pavers were the first group of workers called. Then a company that installed turf. Then finally, a team of painters to paint the field. After that, the parents bought a couple full sized soccer nets, and my passion for the game grew exponentially.

The first summer we had that field, word got around fast. Pretty soon, you would not know if my house was a professional field, or just a couple of kids playing around on a Thursday night. We had so many people wanting to come play on our state-of-the-art field, that I was able to convince my parents to get a couple of bleachers for each side of the field for spectators and people waiting to get into the next game. 

The special thing about soccer is that subs can come in the game so seamlessly. Anytime there was a slight stoppage in the game, we were able to get more and more people into the game so we could all enjoy in the fun.

This backyard soccer field that my parents had built were where I really started to hone in on my soccer skills that I had. There was literally nothing stopping me now from developing my game. I had a full size field to run up and down on and get my cardio. I had many great soccer balls to practice my passing, kicking, juggling and running with. I had a great soccer net that always seemed to bounce the ball back out if I kicked into it hard enough to get the ball to return. I was lucky to also have such a large crew of friends who all shared in the same passion as me of mucking around and playing soccer all day every day.

I really owe my life to my parents. Because of them, I was able to use the soccer skills that I learned as well as the social skills I developed to become the great person that I am today. I am so grateful that they built that soccer field that when I earned enough of a living, I was able to buy that house from my parents and get to use that field on a regular basis.

Nowadays, my friends know that anytime they want to juggle the ball a bit or kick it around, my house is the place to go.


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