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The New Era of Futbol

Football is the most popular sport in the world.  Whether it’s American football or football in Europe and South America, everyone loves it.  There’s a huge difference between American football and European/ South American football.  In the U.S., football is played with a cylinder shape ball where players are lined up and thrown a ball or tossed to run with it.  In European/South American football a circular ball is put in play, and two teams are forced to fight for it with there feet.  If an opponent scores in the goal and point is awarded.  Soccer is the common term to describe European/South American football.
Without a doubt or argument, soccer is the most played sport in the world.  All that’s needed to play the game is land and a circular ball.  The elegance of watching a soccer game is widely underestimated.  The imperfection of the game pose a finesse like ability required for players.  The amount of athleticism to play the game is immense.  No other sport runs more than soccer.  In professional soccer games often times marathon mile distances are ran between the teams.  Likewise; no other sport in the world is as imperfect as soccer.  So many different combinations and possibilities can unwind during a game, it’s truly something special to watch.
As of now, England, Spain, France, Germany, and Italy all have the best soccer leagues in the world.  It’s no mystery why Europe has such world class soccer.  If you’ve ever been to Europe you’ll see tons of kids on the streets playing soccer or kicking the ball around.  Unlike the US, kids are obsessed with the sport, it’s like a religion for everyone.  You can literally play the game anywhere in the world.  In the US, basketball is played all over the place in parks, schools, and community complexes.  Until the US has tons of kids in parks and streets kicking the soccer ball around they will not be top competitors in the world.  As an American it’s embarrassing seeing my country flounder in world play because the lack of skill is displayed.  The US has to compete against kids that have played in streets and beaches since they were three years old.  Soccer obsession needs to take over the country for any type of huge victory to take fold.
I remember traveling overseas to Spain when I was in high school.  Everywhere I looked on the sunny beach in Barcelona was filled with kids and adults juggling or playing soccer.  It simply clicked in my mind why watching these Spaniards on tv was so spectacular, they play so much they naturally get better all the time.  Also playing soccer on the beach is extremely difficult.  Not only is it harder to maintain ball possession, but the sand resists your body from running.   Countries or areas on the beach are perfect for beach soccer.  Countries like Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy all have beautiful beaches to play beach soccer on.  If you have the chance or burning desire to get better, you just definitely make a trip to one of these countries.


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