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Juggling the Soccer Ball

Whether you play soccer or not juggling the soccer ball is extremely fun.  Not only can you juggle the soccer ball anywhere, but if you’re a player it greatly improves touch, control, and dribbling skills.  That right there is a direct link between juggling the soccer ball and game time skills.  Not only do the professionals recommend juggling all the time, all day, but they themselves juggle all the time.  In countries like Brazil, juggling is simply another sport.
On Brazilian beaches people play games like soccer tennis or soccer volleyball against each other.  The amount of skill and touch necessary to play those games competitively is insane.  Soccer tennis, and soccer volleyball are exactly what they sound like.  In soccer tennis, a tennis net is set up, separating players from each other.  When the ball is kicked in the air, only one or two bounces is allowed in the game.  It’s essentially tennis but with a soccer ball using your feet instead of a racket.  In soccer volleyball, it’s essentially volleyball with a soccer ball using your feet only, and often played on a beach.
juggling soccer ball

It doesn’t matter if you can only do five touches for juggling, your skill will improve with consistency.  If you simply just give up after a couple of tries than you’ll get nowhere.  If you’re the type of person that likes a challenge and can motivate yourself to achieve a goal, then juggling may be for you.  The amount of coordination you gain from juggling a soccer ball is often times never talked about.  The reason the pros are able to do so much with the soccer ball during games is because there control and touch is amazing.  That skill can only be obtained from years and years of hard work.
Juggling also poses a great way to stay active when you’re simply by yourself.  Whenever you want to play an actual soccer game you need tons of players for both sides of the pitch.  If you don’t have a bunch of people to play with, and you’re by yourself the best thing to get better is to juggle.  The biggest sports regret I have is not juggling enough when I was a young boy at school.  There are so many hours spent on the schoolyard during recess that could’ve been used to improve my touch and control.  It’s very difficult because kids in third world countries don’t have anything to do but juggle or play soccer.
A lot of time was wasted on breaks during school. Instead of running around gossiping with people I should’ve brought a size three soccer ball to school everyday and juggled with it.  As a young boy a size three ball would’ve made me a lot better because it’s smaller than a regulation size ball, thus making it harder to juggle and dribble.  Looking back in the US soccer just isn’t the sport people are flocking over the tv to watch.  The US will remain an adequate team in international play until kids at school are just playing it all day long.


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