Fueling Life

Dissimilar things require energy to go in life; in case you attempt to believe that anything doesn’t entail energy and you won’t move very far-flung. As a matter of fact, all things that take place on this planet utilize the power of one sort or another.

Quickening car engines blaze energy, sizzling cups of coffee grasp energy, street lights that gleam at night are making use of energy; sleeping cats are also utilizing energy. Unquestionably everything you can consider is making use of energy in some manner. Energy is a mysterious stuff that makes phenomena take place.

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Soccer in 2017

I can’t tell you guys how exciting it is to finally now be in the new year. I can already tell 2017 will be the best year of all them. Just like many people have normal resolutions for the new year, I also have many. Soccer of course, is one of the biggest loves I have. Playing, watching, learning, and talking more about soccer is my primary goal for the new year. Soccer has always been my first passion, growing up. I can’t imagine never playing the game again.

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Just like any other athlete, looking to always get better is a big part of what I do. On a daily basis, I’m always looking for ways to get better on the field. There’s always something to do to get better as a soccer player, whether it’s running, sprinting, working on my touch, shooting, defense, etc. There’s never a day that goes by, where I’m not playing soccer somehow. It’s so important to become a better player- play as much as you can.

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It’s all about determination. How badly do you want it? How much does this mean to you?

How many of you have seen the Marshawn Lynch video when he was playing the New Orleans Saints with his team, the Seattle Seahawks in a playoff game maybe 6 years ago. In this play, Marshawn takes the ball from the quarterback, and runs up the middle, breaking a couple tackles, and pushing other players off of him. At first it looks like he is going to get stopped near the line of scrimmage, but the man kept his feet churning, and started to find some openings in the field ahead of him. He sees the smaller players in front of him, and begins to do his best to out run him. These players are cornerbacks, and safety’s usually the fastest players on Defense. Marshawn starts to outrun these guys, while juking up the field. As soon as one of the players gets close to him, they catch a stiffy from BeastMode himself. As he sprints down the field, it looks like Darren Sharper, one of the best safeties in the league is going to tie him up, but he hands out another stiff arm, and sends Darren Sharper to the ground!

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How to Become a Soccer Great

There is a lot about professional athletes work ethics that are not particularly recognized by the public. Athletes put a lot into their work grind throughout their entire way to the top, but more people think it was genetics, and natural born talent that take people to the top. While it is true that genetics and physical stature does play a role in an athletes ability to make it to the next level, most of these players would not have made it to the top without an amazing work ethic.

And many of them who do make it to the next level don’t realize that the work doesn’t end there, and if you want to make it to elite status, you gotta crank up the work ethic. At the highest levels of athletics, particularly football, basketball, soccer, hockey, fighting, boxing, gymnastics, cross country, cycling, tennis, swimming, water polo, bmx, motocross, car racing, you name the sport, most have a couple figures at the top who are recognized for being greats. Those  top few are not the ones who have the most freakish genetics, or are there because of their race. They have been recognized as an elite athlete because of the hard work that they put in behind the scenes, and that’s the stuff that truly what makes them great.

If you want to be one of the greatest at any game, it doesn’t matter if it’s cross country running or a top soccer player in the world, the athlete with the greatest determination to reach the top as well as an amazing work ethic, usually always well represents the leaders of their respective games

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Proper Soccer Protocol

If you are an athlete, everyone knows that there are certain protocols that most athletes try to follow. Some may call it a routine, some may call it habits, but there are certainly things that people should be concerned with.

Other than the perfecting of skills, athleticism, and work ethic, there are a lot of things that should go into a soccer players mind when they can decide if they want to add anything that could benefit their performance and attitude towards the game.

Before going out to play soccer, if possible have the right of attire for wherever you are playing at. If its grass, do your best to bring a pair of cleats so that you can grip the field better no matter the conditions. Cleats allow you to fully plant your foot into the grass so you have a lesser possibility of slipping and risking an injury to yourself. Other proper attire for playing out in soccer certainly can be predicated on the weather and what position you play, so this can include various lengths of socks, shin guards, knee braces, ankle braces, and anything else that your body may need to keep you completely supported and give the best chance to avoid injury. Make sure to check field conditions and the weather for the day you are playing soccer, as rainy days and sunny days will probably be a different dress attire for you, as well as playing indoors.

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Staying clean and keeping proper hygiene is also essential to being a proper athlete. For one, it helps your team want to talk to you if you are not smelly, have bad breath, and have preventable acne. Take care of yourself if you are on a traveling team and visiting out of town areas for a long period of time.

You never know what kind of situations will arise when you are on the road. When I was staying in the California Bay Area at a hotel, we had an infestation of bed bugs at a team member’s family house, and we all had bed bug bites for our next game and bedbugspittsburg.com had to clean out all of our bags and clean all of our clothes the day before the game. It saved us, but it definitely would be best to avoid that situation. So, realize that the cleanliness does not start on the field, it starts on all facets of your life to ensure that, on game-day, you are physically, and mentally prepared.


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Soccer is Safer

As a child, many of the sports that you play early on in life are predicated by the choices that your parents decide, at least at toddler and the young child. I’m happy my parents placed me in futbol instead of football.

As I have gotten older, and seen what kind of people play football, I’m glad I stuck to my craft. I saw many football players worry about being at the gym for so long, and many of them worrying about getting enough food in them, which in my eyes was often way too much food for someone, but it seriously totally changed what kind of people were in the two sports. When the football guys would hang out, it would be lifting weights, and doing hitting drills. When we hung out, our practice would be playing, and only playing. The only way to get better at the sport of soccer is by playing soccer, which is unlike many sports. Basketball you must work on a variety of skills involved, including having a good first step, and also incredible vertical leap abilities, along with being blessed with height. Football, you have to develop very strong muscles to compete, and many of these muscular guy will run at each other head first going twenty miles an hour. As we see nowadays, modern science has show us that that is a recipe for a concussion, and continued brain damage that could last a life time.


Now, I know a lot of anti-soccer people will tell me that a ball bouncing on my head can cause a concussion too, but there is a lot more to it than that. In football, they were giant protective hard plastic padding, that they think protects their body from the impact of tackling one another. The guys in the professionals all the way down to the mighty-mites who are 5 years old playing football see to truly believe they are protected when playing. That is, until two players run at each other as hard and fast as they can, and when the collision strikes, someone always gets hurt and is affected. Science has shown us now that these head to head collision are not good for the adult brain, nor the young brain. While the skull is protecting from cracking, these impacts at such high velocity cause the brain to shake quite a bit under that helmet where it pounds into the inner school, which ends up causing swelling. after enough repeated blows tot the head, people develop brain damage. Brain damage is not one of those things that you think you can tell it is developing. When the damage occurs, your brain tricks the person that all is okay and the brain is still functioning, you are alive, and tells you that you can do that again because you already survived.

It’s not just head to head hits. Football cause a lot of hits to the back, ribs, knees, ankle, feet, neck, so many places where you can be seriously affected after a game.


When is the last time you saw serious injuries in a soccer game? Now compare that to a football game. Someone is always injured after a football game, and most players admit to playing with injuries all year long because they are told to toughen up by their parents and their coaches. This is where injuries become more serious. In soccer, we do not play with too much protection, because it is un needed. We know that if we strike another player, it will hurt him, and could hurt me. And striking another player gets you kicked out of games and hurts your team, therefore, the risk of someone doing stuff like that is far less.

I’m happy I played soccer, and I am happy in m yearly 30’s my body is still very much intact. I cannot say the same for some of my football friends, but I certainly can for my futbol ones.

Soccer Tournaments

As a child, there are a couple mainstream sports that most children get sucked up into early on their life. Basketball, Swimming, Football, Baseball, Soccer, and Hockey seem to be the most common sports kids play, depending on where they live in the world. I played basketball, and soccer throughout most of my life. I am so grateful in my parent’s decision making by pushing me into those two sports, because what I did in both of those sports really helped my development for my athleticism, and my social skills for the rest of my life.

soccer kids

There are a lot of similarities in the skill level development in both of the soccer and basketball sports. At a young age, the fastest kids, and the one’s who can handle the ball got the most action and had the most fun playing soccer. For basketball, the kids who are fast, can dribble, and can make layups were usually the best players for basketball. Luckily, to be good at both sports, I concluded that it started with speed. I gained speed tremendously at a young age since I was always trying to get past people with the soccer ball, and with the basketball. I had a quick first step, and that came from trying to beat people from a standstill with the ball at my feet, or in my hands. Another great asset that is learned playing both sports is footwork. Footwork is basically king in both sports, and when you can combine footwork with speed, you can take over any futbol, or basketball game that you want to.

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World Cup Soccer

Every four years the world comes together to watch the most watched soccer tournament, the World Cup.  The location for this tournament is selected through a committee.  Every four years it’s a new location.  In 2014 the World Cup was in Brazil, in 2018 the World Cup will be in Russia of all places.   If you’re wondering why Russia then you’re not alone.  Russia seems to be an interesting country to host the World Cup.  As of lately, Russia seems to be talked about all the time in the news whether it’s about Ukraine or Syria.  Do not expect me to be at the games in two years.  It’s too much of a coincidence that Russia is going to be the destination, especially with all the events in the news surrounding them.
world cup logo
The World Cup is a historic tournament that is like no other.  Countries from all over the world have the chance to qualify and enter the tournament.  Once a team is qualified for the World Cup they will be placed in a group.  There are several groups starting from group a all the way to group f.  A group is four randomly selected teams.  Within the group, all the teams play each other until standings are able to be given.  Eventually, half the teams will get knocked off and the round of sixteen starts.  It’s an exciting event to see the beginning of the quarter and semifinals.  By the time the finals comes around there’s only two countries left, one wins and the other goes home.  Of course, the U.S. is really not a strong competitor on this stage.  For years and really since the start of the World Cup tournament the U.S. has not been a very strong competitor.  It is atrocious to see the U.S. suck in soccer.  Pretty much every other country in South America and Europe are ten times better than the US.

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Futsal is an incredibly hard sport to play.  It’s simply another form of playing soccer.  The difference is players use a smaller ball, smaller space, and smaller goals to compete with.  Futsal is hugely popular everywhere they play soccer especially in South American countries like Brazil and Argentina.  They also play a lot of futsal in Europe.  Futsal is a fantastic way for any soccer player to get better by improving coordination, quickness, touch, and game time control.  Futsal uses samba indoor shoes compared with outdoor soccer cleats.  The sport is similar to indoor soccer because like indoor there is no slide tackling involved.  Futsal requires a lot more skill than anything.  The amount of touches and goals is much more than any soccer match.
soccer futsal
I remember playing futsal during the off season of club soccer as a young boy.  In the winter time when there’s too much rain and clouds to play futsal was the perfect game to play.  I definitely think the South Americans are the best at futsal by far, compared to anyone else.  Often times people play on a basketball court and use smaller goal nets.  It’s widely known that in the offseason many of the professional soccer players play futsal to keep their touch and control on point.  It’s vital for any athlete to continue to challenge themselves.  The beauty of the sport of soccer is there’s so many different variations you can play that continue to improve your skills.

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Where I Played

Growing up in California, I was lucky to have a pair of parents who supported my outdoor endeavors and need to be at play. I always felt sorry for the kids whose parents wanted them to be indoors for fear of their safety. My carefree lifestyle allowed me to meet many kids around the neighborhood at my age, and gave me the chance to build social skills, get in shape, and just plain old have fun.

Since I was always outdoors with a whole bunch of kids, we always had the chance to get some big soccer games going together. We would evenly split up the teams, and then go at each other’s throats for goals. The reason I loved soccer growing up so much because it was such a team sport. A fluid passing offense is so important as well as a team style defense. Without working for one another on your team, you are at risk of losing an ever so important game of of your life. soccer kick

My parents saw the passion that I had for soccer, and I was lucky enough to have parents who had their financial situation on good terms. They asked me if I thought it would be a good idea to build a little soccer field on our property for all of my little friends and I to play on at any time. I said heck yea, and then, immediately, they called up a couple companies, and went to work. Concrete pavers were the first group of workers called. Then a company that installed turf. Then finally, a team of painters to paint the field. After that, the parents bought a couple full sized soccer nets, and my passion for the game grew exponentially.

The first summer we had that field, word got around fast. Pretty soon, you would not know if my house was a professional field, or just a couple of kids playing around on a Thursday night. We had so many people wanting to come play on our state-of-the-art field, that I was able to convince my parents to get a couple of bleachers for each side of the field for spectators and people waiting to get into the next game.  Read more